Cams Vanilla: 2 - Yukikaze

It was about ten minutes when Jim came out with the biggest shit eattin grin on his face, he sat down, took a large gulp of his beer, he said ok, what's the bet, he all were dieing to hear all about it, Pam said remember, nothing about what just happen, so continue your game please. (C89) [Tamakiya (Tamaki Nozomu)] Amazing… After about five minutes Amanda came back with another woman in the same non clothes, it was Pam, her oldest daughter, she heard about the game and what her mom was going to do, she volunteered to help her out, so I had two ladies with enormous tits serving us, it was a dream come true.

Hentai: [NEUTRAL (高遠ユミコ Yumiko Takato)] vanilla: 2 (戦闘妖精雪風 Sentou Yousei Yukikaze) [Japanese]

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