Porn Silk No Kajitsu Ch. 1

Libby lay quietly on Miss Ulbright's desk top, her mind floating away after experiencing her first orally induced orgasm in her short eighteen year life!!! Incredible as it seemed, that gnawing ache between her full thighs seemed to be growing stronger, and even the mind bending climax shat had just about driven her mad was not enough to slake the desire in her needy vagina!!! In her semi conscious state, in the back of her mind she thought she heard voices, but Miss Ulbright had assured her that the door was locked so that no one could barge in on them, but then much to her surprise and embarrassment, Sarah Ulbright appeared next to the desk with Libby's own mother!!! Immediately she tried to get up of the desk top, but Miss Ulbright placed her hand on her chest and ordered, “Lie still child, your mother is here to help you, now please be quiet and do as you're told!!!” Libby relaxed a little, but still, having her mother present was a little disconcerting to say the least, especially when she was lying on a desk top with her legs spread and her pussy exposed to the open air!!! “So tell me, Miss Ulbright,” Andrea Thornton asked, “how do you think my daughter is doing!?!” “Please, call me Sarah,” Miss Ulbright replied, “and your daughter is doing just fabulously, as I was telling you a minute ago, Libby just experienced her first oral orgasm, and to say the least she is very sexually high strung!!!” “I pretty much figured that,” Andrea replied a matter of factly, “both my sister and I require several daily climaxes to keep from climbing the walls, and it was only prudent to expect that Libby would have the same dependent drive!!!” “Well,” Sarah added, “I think that you are just a super mother to have the foresight to help her through this difficult period in her life, and to help her understand that keeping her vagina satisfied will be a tremendous responsibility for her and who ever becomes her life mate!!!” “Thank you, Sarah,” she replied, “you were mentioning that you were thinking about something that might improve her already strong orgasms!?!” “Yes, I was just thinking,” Sarah explained, “Libby has a very thick profusion of red pubic hair that completely blankets her labia, and I truly believe that if we shaved her lips, that the extra sensitivity would greatly enhance her orgasms, especially when you consider that since she has that enormous clitoris it will be much more accessible to oral attention if her lips were bare!!!” “Why that's a wonderful idea,” Andrea gushed, “what do you think, Libby!?!” “Uh, I don't know, mom,” Libby replied, mortified that her mother and home ec teacher were actually talking about this kind of thing in front of her, what ever you say is fine with me!!! “Good,” Sarah Ulbright replied, “then let's do it!!!”

Sitting down on a stool between the young girl's spread legs, Miss Ulbright gently washed Libby's pubic area with nice warm soapy water that she had retrieved form the sink over in the corner, while Andrea Thornton watched intently as the home ec teacher prepared her daughters vulva for shaving!!! “I was just thinking,” Andrea offered, “I love the idea of shaving her lips, but instead for making her completely bare, let's leave the triangle above her clitoris, it's such a lovely shade of red, and it brings out the creamy color of her thighs!!!” “Mmmmmm, I wholeheartedly agree,” Sarah replied enthusiastically, “her red hair is certainly a conversation piece!!!” When she felt that Libby's fur was soft enough, Sarah carefully removed every last strand of hair from Libby's vaginal lips, leaving her smooth as a baby!!! “Oh look, Andrea,” Sarah Ulbright sighed, “her clitoris is so large that it actually protrudes past her lips, no wonder the poor thing is always excited, her clit is constantly rubbing against her panties!!!” “I know exactly how she feels,” Libby's mother replied, “my clitoris does exactly the same thing, and after just a few hours I usually need to masturbate or go crazy!!!” Sarah massaged some warm baby oil into Libby's freshly shaven lips, and naturally with a clit her size, it was inevitable that Sarah's hand and fingers would make direct contact with the little erection, and therefore within a matter of minutes Libby's vagina was just as hot as it had been less than an hour before!!!

When she was sure that the young girl's vaginal area was good and moist, Sarah looked at Andrea, and in a serious voice said, “I don't want you to think that I'm being too forward, but I have an idea on how we can make Libby's next orgasm truly memorable, are you game!?!” “Of course I am,” Andrea Thorton replied, “what's your plan!?!” “Well,” the teacher went on, “I have to ask if you're turned on, I mean right this minute, is your own clitoris erected!?!” “Yes,” Andrea answered simply, “I'm afraid that is, why!?!” “I think that it's time that you and your daughter share the joy having orgasms together,” she went on, “and since both of you have these enormous clits, it would be so way cool if you two would rub the heads of your little erections together until you both had your climaxes, kinda like a mother daughter thing!!!” After giving each other the eye, Andrea readily agreed that it was wonderful idea, but there was one minor problem, her own pussy was a mass of pubic hair and needed a good trimming before they could go any further!!! Libby and her mom quickly traded places and in a mater of ten minutes or so, Sarah had shaved the older lady's vagina smooth, just like her daughter's!!!

“Before we get started,” Sarah offered, “I think that both of you should remove your skirts so that you are totally naked from the waist down, it will just add to the eroticism of the whole affair!!!” Soon both mother and daughter were standing side by side in just their shoes and blouses, with their freshly shaven vulvas bulging out obscenely, and of course their two very erect clits sticking out from between the folds of their now very wet pussies!!! Sarah was struck at how beautiful the two vaginas looked, each with a shock of read hair, baby smooth lips, and a huge clitoris begging for mercy!!! “May I ask one favor,” Sarah asked softly?!? “Of course you may,” Andrea replied, “what is it, dear!?!” “I-I would be honored to give each of you a nice long oral kiss right on each of your vaginas,” she said with a stammer, “it would help you get wet, and I have to admit it, I love sucking hot pussy!!!” Andrea put her arm around her daughter's shoulder and replied, “We'd love to have you service us first, Sarah,” Andrea replied softly, “please feel free!!!”

Sarah quickly dropped to her knees in front of Andrea and let her tongue snake out and run up and down the length of the drooling slit, which naturally brought a low moan from the older woman!!! “Jesus,” Sarah thought as she tongued Libby's mother, “these two have the biggest clits I've ever seen in my life, they're an unbelievable turn on, I just can't get enough of them!!!” After giving Andrea a good three minutes of cunt lapping, Sarah scooted over to Libby, and did the same for the cute pussied senior, almost bringing her to another orgasm!!! Andrea feared that Sarah was about to get her daughter off, so she pulled Libby away and in a playful voice noted, “I think you've had about enough, now it's my turn!!!” Taking her daughter into her arms, Andrea kissed her full on the lips, while gently forcing her tongue into Libby's mouth!!! As the two women kissed, Sarah could clearly see the two of them slowly rubbing their vulvas together, carefully moving around until they could get their clits make contact with each another! It was readily apparent when their clits collided, in that both of them seemed to freeze for a second while their two little erections slipped back and forth over each other!!! Both mother and daughter had large plush bottoms, but you could easily see the buttock muscles of both of them clenching and unclenching as they moved back and forth in millimeters, while all the time keeping their clits in direct contact!!! One of the most erotic things you will ever hear is the moan an aroused woman makes at the time of orgasm, well in this case, Sarah was privileged to hear not only one woman moaning, but two, and at the very same time!!! The mother-daughter duo, increased the intensity of their kiss in proportion to how turned on they were, and at that very moment, they were literally crushing their bodies together as they ground their wet pussies hard against each other, as blessed orgasm overtook both of them together!!!

“Oh mommy,” Libby sighed as she leaned against her mother, “thank you so much, I feel so much better!!!” “Me too, honey,” Andrea Thornton replied while kissing her daughter on the forehead, “I hope we can do this often, it's something that will keep us together!!!”


Hentai: [Tomohiro Kai] Silk no Kajitsu Ch. 1 [English] [amaimono]

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[智弘カイ]シルクの果実 第1話[英訳]

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