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I guess in a way I was right, Mr C. Ass Lick Corridos Perrones 253 Gay Medical TV was very new, most people did not have a telephone in the house, indeed many still had no fridge or washing machine too! Very few families in our village even had a car at that time.

Hentai: [Takemasa Takeshi] Venus Trap (haitoku Syndrome)[Chinese] [黑暗月光石]

Venus Trap 1Venus Trap 2Venus Trap 3Venus Trap 4Venus Trap 5Venus Trap 6Venus Trap 7Venus Trap 8Venus Trap 9Venus Trap 10Venus Trap 11Venus Trap 12Venus Trap 13Venus Trap 14Venus Trap 15Venus Trap 16

[武将武]ヴィーナストラップ(ハイトクシンドローム) [中国翻訳]

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