Nylon Aishoku - Naruto

Master At Your Craft

You’re truly a master at your craft,
The way you hold and stroke my shaft,
The way your tongue starts to glide,
Along my sensitive underside,
The way you look up with your big, dark eyes,
As your head is bobbing between my thighs,
The way you gently massage the tip,
With your soft tongue and lower lip,
Girl, you make me want to scream,
As you start to lap up all my cream,
Girl you make me want to cry,
As you suck my big member dry,
I don’t want you to ever stop,
Till you lap up every single drop,
Girl, I’m glad it’s you I know,
A girl who really knows how to blow. Blackmail SECRET LESSON 3 – Mahou Shoujo Lyrical… .

Hentai: [Kasou Genjitsu Tokkoutai (Veni no Ruco)] Aishoku (Naruto) [Digital]

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[仮想現実特攻隊 (紅のルコ)]愛食(NARUTO -ナルト-) [DL版]

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