Danish Kawari Kawatte Ch. 3  Clothed

After seeing what Steve had shown him and the stuff he found on his own, Mike could never look at Steve the same way again, every time he did all he could see was himself being held down while Steve shoved a spit through him, “What’s wrong Mike?, you seem distant lately” Steve asked while they were sitting enjoying a beer a few days later, “It's just that I can't get that girl out of my mind” Mike said taking his next sip, “What girl?, the one from Vegas?” Steve asked referring to a prostitute they once shared on a Las Vegas trip, “No the one in that video getting the spit shoved into her pussy” Mike replied, “Ohh that girl, I thought you might be talking about her” Steve said walking over to his computer and bringing the video up again for them to watch her scream. Sexy Mimi Fun 2 – Original Backshots Jessica watched as Steve went to the kitchen and returned with the sharp steel spit and kelt down next to her, “Mike, you were my best friend for years as Jessica you were my best girl, my best slave well first slave and now your gonna be my first spit roaster” Steve said as he leaned in and kissed the back of Jessica's neck, “What do you want me to say?, Master”
Jessica replied turning her neck slightly to look at Steve, “What ever you want to say, These will be your last words” Steve said planting a kiss on her lips, “I don't want to die but I did make promises to you so as your slave I will take the spit to make you happy” Jessica said with tears in her eye's, “Since you are being so cooperative I will give you that last fuck I promised you when we started your change” Steve said and removed his clothes stepped behind Jessica and entered her in one thrust, “OHH YES, MASTER, FUCK ME” She screamed as Steve shoot his last load into her pussy.

Hentai: [Tirotata] Kawari Kawatte Ch. 3 (COMIC Unreal 2021-02 Vol. 89) [Chinese] [熊崎玉子汉化组] [Digital]

Kawari Kawatte Ch. 3 1Kawari Kawatte Ch. 3 2Kawari Kawatte Ch. 3 3Kawari Kawatte Ch. 3 4Kawari Kawatte Ch. 3 5Kawari Kawatte Ch. 3 6Kawari Kawatte Ch. 3 7Kawari Kawatte Ch. 3 8Kawari Kawatte Ch. 3 9Kawari Kawatte Ch. 3 10Kawari Kawatte Ch. 3 11

[ちろたた]皮り皮って 第3話(コミックアンリアル 2021年2月号 Vol.89) [中国翻訳] [DL版]

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