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Manser brought the Giraffe, he had already strapped the saddle round it so Msala just had to lower herself onto the spigot, except she could barely walk with the phallus inside her and it took two of us to lift her on and three natives to hold the Giraffe, but suddenly everything was engaged and the Giraffe started to walk around, surprised by his human rider but not surprised at the weight, Manser had trained him well, Msala gasped audibly as she realised that not only was she was not going to fall off but the ride was driving her wild. Condom Iinari Nami San – One Piece 18yearsold “Oh,” Msala was speechless, as Manser showed her the Giraffe saddle.

Hentai: (C81) [Potch Pocket (Pokke)] Trainer Zukan (Pokemon)

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(C81) [ぽっちぽけっと (ぽっけ)]トレーナーずかん(ポケットモンスター)

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